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The BUZZEVENTS platform makes it easier for you to organize your events and provides you with the best tools to allow you to attract participants, manage exhibitors and offer them the best event experience.

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Easy-to-use online event management software that simplifies organizational processes and makes it easier to plan your events.

Online registration

Make it easy for your participants to register and quickly receive their e-badge. They can also buy their access tickets online.



Design and personalize your participants' badges easily. They can be sent to them instantly upon registration or after your validation. We can also assist you if you choose to print them on the day of the event.

Online payment

Sell your tickets and registration packs online thanks to the secure payment that you can receive via our platform. You can also generate personalized invoices.

Access control

We make our check-in application available to you so that you can control access to your event and avoid queues for your participants.

Event program

Easily configure the program for your event by detailing the activities offered and specifying the agenda for its conferences and workshops.

Mailing campaigns

In order to promote communication with your audience, personalize the e-mails of your mailing campaigns and make scheduled and targeted sendings

Participants management

Easily manage the list of your participants. It is exportable and usable in order to allow you a well targeted communication with all of your participants.

Satisfaction surveys

Our platform allows you to collect the opinions of participants and schedule targeted mailings in order to carry out personalized surveys at any time.


Our platform makes it easier for you to organize your exhibitions and provides you with the best tools to allow you to attract participants and manage your exhibitors.

Exhibitions management

Our platform allows you to create an exhibition space from which you can manage the various logistical processes of your event.

Stand management

Our platform allows you to manage the entire process of booking and selling exhibition stands.

Exhibitors registration

The exhibitors registration allows you to manage all the information relating to their stand and their participation easily.

liste Exposants

Exhibitors list

Create the detailed list of your exhibitors: A list accessible to participants on the mobile application or the event website.

Exhibitors catalog

You can create an online catalog including all the services and products of your exhibitors to make it available to participants.

capture Prospects

It allows your exhibitors to collect information from visitors to their stand by scanning the QR code on their badge. They can thus constitute a list of exportable prospects.

Sponsors registration

The registration of sponsors allows you to easily manage all the information relating to their participation.



The communication with your exhibitors can be done via our platform. You can send them messages on all subjects relating to their participation (payment, stand, ...).


We provide you with a customizable mobile application to allow you to offer your participants an impactful event experience.

Easy access app

Your participants can access the event application directly from their browser, without having to go through the App Store.

Participant Profiles

To facilitate communication between your participants, allow them to fill out customizable profile forms according to the needs of your audience.

Speaker Profiles

You can also display the profile of your speakers and make their biographies available to participants.

Exhibition plan

Display the map of your exhibition site to facilitate participants' access to stands and spaces that interest them.

Customizable planner

Your participants can personalize participation in your event by choosing the activities in which they wish to take part in.


Schedule and send targeted notifications to your participants to inform them of news related to your event.

Chat and Surveys

Offer your participants the possibility of communicating via chat or participating in targeted surveys.

Satisfaction surveys:

Knowing the opinions of participants on your event will allow you to improve their event experience.


Our platform allows you to connect your participants who can set up business meetings and organize meetings with the participants who interest them.

Online interaction platform

Offer your participants an online exchange space and facilitate their communication by allowing them to interact well before the event.

Profiles and Forms

To facilitate interactions between your participants, segment them into search categories using forms that you can customize according to the audience for the event.


Participants receive meeting requests and the meeting schedule is created automatically. They are also informed of the latest updates relating to the events.


You can decide when to book meetings, define their duration and allocate meeting spaces to your participants for the event’s day.


We provide you with the tools necessary to promote your event in order to easily attract the maximum number of participants and offer them the best event experience.

Event website

Create the website for your event easily to make it the best showcase and attract participants: A responsively designed website to display on devices of different screen sizes.

Mailing campaigns

Our platform allows you to promote your event through different targeted email campaigns that can be personalized and scheduled according to the needs of your event.


Personalized and targeted messages can be sent to your participants to communicate new information or updates related to your event.


For a good event communication, you can integrate your account with Google Analytics to analyze the performance of your web pages and ensure the relevance of your marketing decisions.