In order to allow you to streamline the welcome of your participants during your events, we provide you with :

Badging application

An access control application to scan badges with QR-codes at the reception of your event. It allows you to:

  1. Save time (for your reception staff and your visitors)
  2. Manage your visitor list easily and until the last moment (admission of registrations on the event site)
  3. Recover registration information (import listings in Excel format).

Badges Printing Badges

Badges can be generated and printed instantly on the event site (for the non-registered visitors, in case of forgetting a badge, or if you choose the badge delivery option on site):

  1. Personalized badges in the colors of your event.
  2. Including a specific QR-code to each participant.
  3. Including all the information you choose to display there.

Self-Registration Posts

For your non-registered visitors, make them autonomous by allowing them to register on-site thanks to tactile terminals. They will be able to instantly receive and print their badge with QR-code, while avoiding possible entry errors by the reception staff.

Equipment rental

On the day of the event, to allow you to welcome your participants effectively, we provide you with the equipment and accessories necessary for the proper use of our software solutions (QR-code scan, badge printing terminals, self-service stations recording, ...)