We ensure the acceleration of your commercial development
by sharing with you impactful event experiences

SEO platform,
promotion and event management

Event platform

BUZZEVENTS is a referencing, promotion and management platform for virtual and face-to-face professional events (fairs, conferences, congresses, colloquia, seminars, webinars, etc.)

Simple User Tool

BUZZEVENTS offers event organizers an easy-to-use tool for referencing, promoting and managing events (BUZZAPP), as well as personalized support for the organization of virtual events on BUZZEVENTS LIVE.

Digital Events

To continue accelerating your commercial development, maintain your physical events by digitizing them. Our team supports you in all steps of the design of your virtual event until its technical implementation on BUZZEVENTS LIVE.

Impactful experiences

Our mission is to make the sharing of impactful event experiences easy for organizers and visitors. This results in the acceleration of their commercial development and the growth of their activity.

The Right Place at the Right Time

BUZZEVENTS allows professionals to find events relevant to the growth of their businesses by providing them with the right information to be in the right place, at the right time.

Grab opportunities

BUZZEVENTS allows you to take advantage of various networking opportunities, meet the right people and have impactful event experiences.